Frequently asked questions

A few of the most common answers regarding onboarding and installation

1. How can I start using Blink's services?

In order to get started, get in touch with Blink ( in order to set up an account. Next up download the corresponding CMS plugin from the store and connect it to your blink account and you are ready to go.

2. I have a custom built website how, can I use Blink?

Get in touch with us to access our API and documentation. If you do not have an internal development team our engineers will help with the implementation process.

3. Are there any fixed costs using Blink?

No you pay only per successful delivery.

4. Where do my costumers see Blink?

Your customers will see the Blink shipping option at checkout, in your website.

After the shipping method is selected, our warehouse receives a notifcation and the order is dispatched to the customer address, all in under 2 hours.